If your kids got 5 million Easter eggs, like ours often do, try using up some of that chocolate in one of these recipes! These are my top 10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs!

10 ways to use up leftover Easter eggs. If your kids got 5 million Easter eggs, like ours often do, why not use some up in one of these chocolatey recipes!Leftover Easter eggs?


Is there really such a thing?

As organized as I am with list-making and food shopping (yes, I plan my food a week in advance, and will re-write my shopping list in aisle order), I purposely don’t organize myself well when it comes to Easter.


Just throw loads of Easter eggs in the trolley and sort it out when I get home.

The reasoning behind my madness, is that when I do sort them out, I’m secretly living in hope that there will be at least two unassigned Easter eggs , that I can put in the fridge until they reach crunchy perfection, then share with Chris in front of the TV.

Such a rebel, I know.

So whilst there probably won’t be any leftover Easter eggs in our house (I’m such an Easter egg fiend, that when I was pregnant with Gracey, I bought all my Easter eggs for family, then ate them ALL, and had to buy them all over again), I get that other people don’t turn into chocolate monsters and chomp through them like an industrial shredder. If you’re in that position, try one of these chocolatey recipes!

Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cake – great for using up dark chocolate, but you can replace with regular chocolate if you prefer.

If you're looking for a chocolatey, rich dessert this Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cake is for you. It's simple to make and gluten free too!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie: Wake up those tastebuds in the morning!Mexican Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie - A delicious warm smoothie to wake up your taste buds. Lots of healthy goodies in there too!

Chocolate Caramel Mug Cake: Chocolate and Rolos!Caramel chocolate mug cake – filled with Rolos – when you need dessert NOW! The perfect quick dessert for one.

White chocolate Cherry cups – perfect for those Milky Bar eggs!Bite sized creamy white chocolate cups filled with crushed biscuit and cherries - a simple 3-ingredient treat!

Chocolate Coconut Crunch bars: A whole lot of chocolate in these old-school treats.Chocolate Coconut Crunch - my take on the Aussie Crunch we used to get at school. They're crunchy, chewy, very chocolatey and so addictive!

Bottom of the chocolate box brownies: – Quality street egg? Yay!Use up those leftover Christmas chocolates in these fudgy chocolate brownies!

Chocolate peanut nougat: Why not make those eggs into more sweeties!
5-Ingredient chocolate Peanut Nougat - no baking, whisking or thermometers needed. Just melt, mix, cool, cut and dip. Sweet, chewy and delicious!

Ferrro Rocher Brownies: I’d have to buy a box especially for these as the would never be any leftover Ferrero Rochers!

These Ferrero Rocher Brownies are the ultimate treat to go with your afternoon cup of coffee!

White chocolate coconut cashew hot smoothie: Another hot smoothie (my favourite way to drink smoothies)!

A touch of white chocolate with creamy cashews, coconut milk and a few other nutritious goodies make this a lovely, warming winter breakfast.

Berry Streusel Bars with white chocolate custard dip: That white chocolate custard is Soooo good!

Crunchy biscuit base, juicy berry centre and buttery crumble topping served with a creamy, white chocolate custard dip. One bar is just not enough.

I hope you enjoy the 10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs recipes and have a wonderful chocolate-filled Easter!! xx

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