Healthier Grapefruit Breakfast Doughnuts – made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and greek yogurt.  Baked rather than fried.  Wonderful for breakfast!

Healthier Grapefruit Doughnuts - made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and greek yogurt. Baked rather than fried. Wonderful for breakfast!

I’m in love with a doughnut.

A doughnut that has enough sweet stuff to make it feel indulgent and satisfying, but plenty of healthy stuff in there to keep your halo intact.

A doughnut that can be eaten for breakfast with zero guilt. Yay!!

Those ruby red grapefruits are looking so good right now.  I bought a load of them for breakfast, and watched with a slightly wicked smirk as my kids had one for breakfast – all the while pulling their pinched ‘grapefruit faces’. They enjoyed them as a change to the usual berries they have with their cereal, but two days in a row was enough for them.

Since they willingly ate the fresh grapefruits with no moaning, I though I’d treat them with these delicious grapefruit doughnuts.

They’re made with 1/4 whole wheat flour, as well as grapefruit juice, coconut oil and greek yogurt.  All in all, a pretty nutritious breakfast.  Of course we’ve got caster sugar in the recipe, and confectioner’s sugar in the glaze, but life’s about balance!

Healthier Grapefruit Doughnuts - made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and greek yogurt. Baked rather than fried. Wonderful for breakfast!

They’re really quick to make.  More of a cake batter then a normal doughnut batter – so no proving required.  They’re also baked in the oven in a doughnut tin.  A lot healthier and less mess than using oil.

I can’t wait to make them again.  The kids are off school the week after next, so I’ll be making a few variations with them.  Maybe cherry and almond flavour? or peanut butter banana flavour? Probably both…..

ooh ooh, we’re also going to visit the Harry Potter Studio tour whilst they’re off.  I’m more than a little excited!! We get to ride in the Hogwarts Express, drink butterbeer and wander down Diagon alley! Eek I can’t wait! Poor kids will probably be dragged round as I’m running to all the attractions in a frenzy (pay back for all those sweetie/ice cream-induced mania sessions on other days out if you ask me).

Beautiful breakfast doughnuts and Harry Pottter? Can’t wait 🙂

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Healthier Grapefruit Breakfast Doughnuts Recipe:

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Healthier Grapefruit Breakfast Doughnuts

Healthier Grapefruit Doughnuts - made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and greek yogurt. Baked rather than fried. Wonderful for breakfast!
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 12 Servings
Course: Snacks
Cuisine: American, British



  • 150 g (1 1/4 cups) plain (all-purpose) flour
  • 50 g (1/2 cup minus 2 tsp) wholewheat/wholemeal flour (plain (all-purpose) or self-raising wholemeal flour are all fine)
  • 120 g (1/2 cup plus 4 tsp) golden caster sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 115 g (1/2 cup) Greek yogurt
  • 4 tbsp coconut oil melted
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) milk
  • 7 tbsp grapefruit juice
  • zest of one grapefruit


  • 3-4 tbsp grapefruit juice
  • Zest of one grapefruit
  • 200 g (1 cup) confectioner's sugar
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  • Preheat oven to 170C/325F (fan).
  • Grease two 6-piece doughnut tins with vegetable oil or spray.
  • In a large bowl, mix the flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt until combined.
    150 g (1 1/4 cups) plain (all-purpose) flour, 50 g (1/2 cup minus 2 tsp) wholewheat/wholemeal flour, 120 g (1/2 cup plus 4 tsp) golden caster sugar, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt
  • Add in the egg, yogurt, oil, milk, grapefruit juice, and zest. Mix, using a spatula until everything is just combined. Don’t overmix, as this will toughen the doughnuts.
    1 large egg, 115 g (1/2 cup) Greek yogurt, 4 tbsp coconut oil, 60 ml (1/4 cup) milk, 7 tbsp grapefruit juice, zest of one grapefruit
  • Spoon the doughnut batter into a piping bag (no tip required) or a plastic bag with the corner cup off. You want the hole to be approx. 3/4”. This makes it easier to fill the doughnut tins. Pipe the batter into each tin.
  • Place in the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes, until an inserted skewer comes out clean.
  • Whilst the doughnuts are cooking, whisk together the grapefruit juice, zest and sugar and put to one side.
    200 g (1 cup) confectioner's sugar, 3-4 tbsp grapefruit juice, Zest of one grapefruit
  • Take the doughnuts out of the oven, leave to cool for 10 minutes in the tray, then dip the doughnuts into the glaze (you may have to mix the glaze again before dipping). Turn over and place on a cooling rack. Sprinkle on the grapefruit zest.
  • Leave to cool on the cooling rack until the sugar glaze crisps up.


Nutritional Information is per doughnut.


Calories: 196kcal | Carbohydrates: 34g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 14mg | Sodium: 112mg | Potassium: 114mg | Sugar: 21g | Vitamin A: 30IU | Vitamin C: 3.4mg | Calcium: 38mg | Iron: 0.8mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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  1. Tim says:

    5 stars
    These were delightful! I didn’t have any coconut oil so I just melted some butter 😬. I also didn’t have any donut pans so I used a mini muffin tin. They turned out so well and are the perfect soft and citrusy donut bites. Will be holding on to this recipe, a perfect breakfast treat 😋.

  2. Chris says:

    5 stars
    I have made your cherry bakewell doughnuts and they were delicious, so had to give this flavour a try too. Also delicious. My grandchildren loved having doughnuts for breakfast.

  3. Tiffany @ Parsnips + Pastries says:

    These look so delicious! I love eating doughnuts for breakfast and not feeling so bad about it! 😉

  4. nicole plunkett says:

    Which wholemeal flour do you use? When I looked in shop there was bread/plain or self raising? Now got your tea bread in the oven. Thanks

      1. nicole plunkett says:

        Thank you will try. Tea bread tasted lovely, me and children enjoyed it. The fruit did sink a 1/3 down though is that ok. Thanks

      2. Nicky Corbishley says:

        Glad you enjoyed it Nicole. Sorry your fruit sunk a little. Possibly it needed a little less liquid. Sometimes different flours can require a little more or less liquid. I’ll try it with a different brand of flour next time to see if that’s makes any difference for me and update the recipe if so. Chris loves his fruitcake, so I’m sure I’ll be making another very soon 🙂

  5. Silvia says:

    Hi, have compared a very fresh and delicious .. 🙂

    1. Nicky Corbishley says:

      Thanks Silvia 🙂

  6. Saz says:

    oh god !! THIS is amazing !
    I don’t think i can find doughnut tins in france, do you think it’s ok if i do this recipe in muffin tins ?
    also i’m not sure where to find coconut oil, so just in case, could i substituta that for butter (yes being very french .. sorry)
    anywhoooo it seems so yummy !!

    1. Nicky Corbishley says:

      Hi Saz,

      Yes, muffin tins should be fine – just don’t fill them up too much as they’ll taste too dense if they’re too thick.
      I haven’t tried replacing the coconut oil with butter, but I think it would work just fine. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  7. kushi says:

    WOW!!Its healthy and Yummy doughnut:)

    1. Nicky Corbishley says:

      They sure are 😀